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Lightwave International is a multi-talented production company specializing in dazzling laser light shows and laser special effects for the touring concert industry, festival, movies, television, corporate theater, marketing, and large-scale civic events. Sale and turnkey rental of laser projectors, laser accessories, cryo equipment, FogScreens, water screens, and other special effects is also offered.
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A laser designed for lighting professionals, not for laser companies.

Phenom At A Glance

Phenom is the next step in the evolution of Lasers and Intelligent Lighting. Lightwave International's Phenom hangs, powers, and controls like the LED and arc lamp moving fixtures it replaces. Phenom's embedded media server provides endless high intensity colors and effects from a lightweight, energy efficient, and affordable fixture. Phenom lives perfectly in traditional moving light ecosystems by sharing the same style of rigging, power distribution, and DMX control commonly found at most live show locations.

In the United States, Phenom may only be operated by trained technicians with an Audience Scanning Variance. While you still have full creative direction of your performance, a designated Laser Safety Officer is required on site any time the lasers are in use.

Please contact Lightwave to learn about safety requirements in your country, and how to safety deploy laser effects into your event for any locale.

  • Dimensions: 15.75″ L x 10.75″ W x 18.5″ H (40cm x 27cm x 47cm)
  • Weight: 42lbs (19Kg)
  • Power Consumption: 360VA MAX (3A @ 120V / 1.5A @ 240V)
  • Head Travel: Pan 540° (Fine 0.0082°) / Tilt 270° (Fine 0.0041°)
  • Head Max Speed: Pan 2.30 sec / Tilt 1.20 sec
  • Zoom: TRUE Zero to 60°
  • Signal Input/Output: DMX 512 Operation
  • Lamp Source: Lightwave Prism Laser Engine by Arctos
  • Audience Scanning: Integrated
  • Power Supply: Auto-Universal PowerCON TRUE1

Why Phenom

  • Phenom combines traditional lighting features with crisply-defined laser effects and vivid colors.

  • Phenom is a unique moving head that is fully self contained with control and laser components integrated as one DMX fixture. No ILDA control via computer, external hardware, or software is needed. Phenom controls from any lighting designer’s DMX console of choice using a 32 channel standard personality.

  • Every Phenom has an integrated media server with thousands of effects for every performance. This library can be expanded indefinitely with customized effects by Lightwave International. The lamp source is created by German laser-powerhouse Arctos, the original pioneers of solid-state laser development. Arctos technology implements full-color solid-state technology in every Phenom. Millions of colors are possible.

  • Phenoms are designed with easy rigging in mind. Say goodbye to teams of laser technicians as Phenom rigs, powers, and controls like the LED and arc lamp moving-fixtures it replaces. Dual input and output connectors for powerCON TRUE1 and DMX allow minimal cabling when implementing Phenom into an existing lighting rig. With a weight of 42 pounds (19.1kg), maximum power draw of 360VA, and dimensions of 15.75” x 10.75” x 18.5” (40cm x 27cm x 47cm), Phenom fits into any lighting design.

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