Lightwave International | Drive Thru Graduation 2021
Lightwave International is a multi-talented production company specializing in dazzling laser light shows and laser special effects for the touring concert industry, festival, movies, television, corporate theater, marketing, and large-scale civic events. Sale and turnkey rental of laser projectors, laser accessories, cryo equipment, FogScreens, water screens, and other special effects is also offered.
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Drive Thru Graduation 2021

About This Project

Lightwave presents a unique and special solution to give students a memorable graduation experience! With current restrictions and safety concerns, the traditional gatherings and ceremonies that accompany graduation are not possible.  Enter, the drive through Graduation Spectacular experience! Students remain safely distanced in their cars as they parade through a giant laser light and special effects extravaganza!  As each student name is called, it appears on a giant screen while dazzling laser beams, lights and other effects synchronized to their victory song is visible for miles around!


Families that are sheltering together may accompany a student in their car, and the entire soundtrack is broadcast over local FM so other cars in the procession can hear their classmates receive their diplomas: separate, but together.   And since the event is live streamed, family members and friends across the country or around the world can join in the celebration.


Where permitted by local authorities, some audience may be able to gather, distanced, in the bleachers to watch the ceremony.     We even have techniques to safely present the physical diploma to the student.


  This is not a substitute for a graduation the students can’t have — this is the graduation ceremony the class of 2020 deserves.   Contact Lightwave today to learn more about this exciting opportunity for your school.   We have limited booking slots available, so please contact us now.