Lightwave International | Jay-Z at Barclays Center
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Jay-Z at Barclays Center

About This Project

Over the course of eight nights from September 28th to October 6, Jay-Z inaugurated the Barclays Center in Brooklyn with a series of concerts at the newly opened venue in Brooklyn. The arena is the home of the NBA’s Brooklyn Nets, of which Jay-Z is an owner. “I’ve been on many stages, been around the world, but nothing feels like tonight,” he told the crowd during the opening night show.

The production featured an array of Lightwave’s state of the art Prism series lasers scattered throughout the stage and set. In addition to Lightwave’s usual award-winning effects, a unique system allowed for the legal use of lasers to create effects rarely seen at concerts in the US. The new effects were utilized on several songs including “Clique” and “What More Can I Say?”

On the final night of the show, BeyoncĂ© joined Jay-Z on stage for an emotional finale of “Young Forever” as they and the audience were bathed in a sea of laser light. The final show was streamed live on youtube on Jay-Z’s new Life and Times channel.


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