Lightwave International | The Disco Biscuits 2017 Colorado Bisco Inferno
Lightwave International is a multi-talented production company specializing in dazzling laser light shows and laser special effects for the touring concert industry, festival, movies, television, corporate theater, marketing, and large-scale civic events. Sale and turnkey rental of laser projectors, laser accessories, cryo equipment, FogScreens, water screens, and other special effects is also offered.
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The Disco Biscuits 2017 Colorado Bisco Inferno

About This Project

On May 31- June 3 the Disco Biscuits returned to Colorado with Bisco Inferno for three nights at the Ogden Theatre in Denver and a night in Morrison at the Red Rocks Amphitheatre. The Disco Biscuits’ Lighting Designer Johnny R. Goode utilized an arsenal of Lightwave’s Prism Series lasers to fill the venues with laserlight.

Photos: Sam Silkworth, Silky Shots & Adam Winokur


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